Accelerating Agile Transitions

Agile Experience helps managers, teams, and organizations become more effective in agile planning and software development. The key to success with agile software development is to adapt the practices to fit your situation. We accelerate your transition to agile development by sharing our experience gathered from past projects.

Agile Experience believes that training is more effective if it is tailored to the organization and project. Agile software development requires people to think on their feet. The best way to grow people into new roles is an interactive approach. To accelerate learning in your team we recommend training is applied in short bursts followed by on-the-job coaching.

Agile Experience has a wide selection of offerings to help your organization become more agile, with support for senior managers, business analysts, project managers, developers, team leads, technical architects and testers. We offer a pragmatic approach applying effective practices to create successful projects and teams.

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